An anonymous private citizen from Oklahoma is feeding some of the hungry in the Magic Valley.  Beginning Monday, the 22nd, there will be a weekly giveaway of food boxes at the Magic Valley Mall.  In the parking lot where the farmer’s market is usually set up (on the southeast side of the building).  This will continue for six weeks.  Mondays with one exception.  The week following Thanksgiving, the boxes will be provided on Tuesday.

A Collaborative Effort

Twin Falls Community Church is quarterbacking the effort, with assistance from some neighboring churches across southern Idaho. From Twin Falls to Burley.  The church is a recent plant in our community.

Aaron Scott is a pastor who first got the call about the program.  He said it was an answer to a prayer.  He joined us on Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX.  The pastor explained Christians are to minister to the needs of everyone, regardless of ethnicity, immigration status, and political affiliation.

Private Citizens Have Stepped Up

There was a program that originated under President Trump called Farm to Table.  When it came to an end, good-hearted private citizens decided they would like to see it continue.

Scott isn’t sure why Twin Falls was chosen by the benefactor in Oklahoma.  It could be random or it could be some past or current tie to the community.

The boxes will even have some fresh dairy products.  If you can help, you can reach Pastor Scott at 208-613-2313.  Or you can email  You can also learn more by clicking on the video below.  It contains our conversation with the pastor.

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