A hearing was set to take place in Idaho today to help determine the mental state of Lori Vallow and her ability to stand trial in Idaho for the murder of her two children, Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow. The short hearing took place over a Zoom call between the Judge and the attorneys on both sides of the case. Doctors failed to provide proper information to the judge in a progress report. Those involved decided to reschedule the hearing for September 8th at 1:30PM.

In the video of the court hearing today, things started off rocky as the internet connection of Judge Boyce caused his video and audio to freeze a number of times. The purpose of the hearing was to determine if Lori would be competent to stand trial after a previous meeting found her unable to do so. Boyce revealed that he had received letters from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare but the details included were not enough to provide the necessary progress report needed by the court.

The judge and attorneys unanimously agreed to a rescheduled hearing on September 8, 2021. Lori's commitment has been temporarily extended to meet that date.

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Chad Daybell was also scheduled to have a court hearing this afternoon in Idaho, but according to East Idaho News, the meeting was not open to the public to help maintain a fair trial.

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