This is hilarious, as long as it really isn't actually a dead body. An Idaho driver has something wrapped in black trash bags on the back of his vehicle and it looks like a wrapped up body. The driver has acknowledged this possible confusion by making a sign that reads 'Not My Wife' and attaching it to his car.

Judging by the comments on the Only In Idaho Facebook post, the driver of the car is Cody Clagg. He wrote in response to the posted photo 'I promise you all my queen was in the car telling me how to drive.' Honestly, if you wrap up pretty much anything in black trash bags it will look suspicious. I've had weird looking cargo attached to my vehicle before but I never thought to advise other drivers to not worry about the contents.

I've also seen some odd items attached to the back of other cars around Idaho. People drag stuffed animals tied to ropes, questionable truck nuts, and improperly strapped-down trash. I was even trailing a car once that had a dead squirrel (which I initially thought was fake) stuck to the bottom of the bumper. Many of us have seen the truck that drives around Twin Falls with the skeletons in the bed.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

I wonder how long he's been driving around with the sign on his truck and if he's been pulled over yet by curious police officers.

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