As far as reality television goes, there aren't many programs that have been filmed in the state of Idaho. One such show that was shot in 2019 in a remote area of central Idaho that appeared to have some promise, now seems likely to be cancelled.

For fans of the Discovery Channel's outdoor lifestyle program, "River of No Return," season two is currently on hiatus. Season one, which was filmed in Idaho's Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness and released on October 6, 2019, achieved sub par ratings. Shows like Deadliest Catch and Naked and Afraid have been top ratings getters for the past decade.

River of No Return is about people living well off-the-grid. Having seen a couple episodes myself, I thought this show had a chance to stick around for a few seasons, and it still might. The intense excursions through Class 5 Rapids, wildlife and footage of this incredibly beautiful area of the United States, was plenty to keep me tuned in.

According to one network premiere site, the program is still in the "Not Renewed" status. What gives?

River of No Return is a fascination look into people's lives who not only chose to live free from worldly creature comforts like Wi-Fi, smart phones, jacuzzi tubs or 75-inch, smart televisions, but also choose to do so in some of the most desolate country on the planet.

I really hope the show gets renewed. Idaho is an insanely gorgeous state, and people across the world should get the opportunity to marvel at it via there 75-inch, smart televisions.

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