No diesel fuel, no trucks.  No trucks, and no goods on grocery store shelves.  Have you heard about the pending diesel fuel shortage?  On October 14th, it was said the United States had only a 25-day supply of diesel.  If there’s no change, around Election Day we’ll see trucks parked throughout much of the country.  Bloomberg says the east coast is already running out.  Shipments on the way to Europe have been turned back.

Admiral John Kirby is the spokesman for the National Security Council.  During questions and answers over fuel supplies with reporters, the subject came up.  Kirby wasn’t aware of the crisis.

Why has there been so little coverage until now by mainstream news media?  Could it be newsrooms across the country realize this could jeopardize their party’s already dwindling chances in the midterms?

During the spring and summer, I stocked up on canned and dry goods.  I did it as a hedge against increasing inflation.  Now it looks like my shelves could feed me during the colder months when store shelves are empty!

How did this happen?  You can thank the granola-gobbling tree-huggers on the American left and the joker in the White House.  The ones promoting a new green economy.  They didn’t plan how we cross the chasm between points A and B.  Click on this link and you’ll discover what they’ve been selling is snake oil.

Heads need to roll.  The people behind this can’t be allowed to skate.

Do you realize that people in the USA could starve this winter before they freeze to death?  Twenty years ago I was at a conference and listened to Al Tompkins from the Poynter Institute tell his audience no country with a free press ever had a famine.  It may be free but it long ago signed up to be the propaganda wing of the American left.

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