A new law banning transgender surgery for minors has moved closer to becoming law. HB 675, sponsored by Republican Representative Bruce Skaug, would make it a felony for children to engage in transitioning from one gender to another before the age of eighteen, reports the Idaho Press.  The House voted 55-13 in favor of the bill will now go to the Senate.  

The Idaho Press said there was emotional testimony against the bill. Parents, children, lawmakers charged that passing the bill would cause children to harm themselves or possibly suicide.  

Opponents of the bill told lawmakers that teens that struggle with their gender-seeking transition could commit suicide. One lawmaker related a story that three teens had attempted to kill themselves when they became aware of the bill becoming law. One Boise lawmaker criticized the bill stating that delaying the transition to adulthood would be disrupting the lives of trans teens.  


The bill will now move to the Senate for review in a committee. If it passes in the committee, it will move to the full Senate for a vote. If the Senate approves, the bill will move to the governor's desk to sign.

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