Source: WalletHub

I consider life in Idaho to be pretty chill. We have beautiful scenery, loads of ways to entertain ourselves, and we work hard but know how to relax.

Idaho is a growing state and we are seeing the effects of that in Twin Falls. New businesses are coming in, improvements are being made to the whole city, and we are surrounded by hot springs. Hot springs - that's like saying we are surrounded by places to relax and de-stress. That being said, we still have a ways to go before we are totally relaxed and overtake Minnesota (of all places?) as the least stressed state in the nation. Currently, Idaho is the 31st least stressed state according to information from WalletHub.

Here in Idaho we are also surrounded by some pretty stress free states. Utah is 47th, and Montana and Washington are more stress free than Idaho.

Personally, I think being average stressed is good. I don't think we want to be the least stressed state for a few reasons. The stress of being the least stressed would wear on us and if you become too stress free you give off the vibe that you just don't care anymore...maybe that is why Minnesota is the winner?

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