April isn't just stressful because we start the month off by pulling ridiculous pranks. It wouldn't be a surprise if blood pressure and heart rates were elevated for the next few days. Good thing in Idaho we are known to be a relatively low-stress state. According to WalletHub we are ranked 37th among the least stressed states. Utah was ranked at 49 and Minnesota as the least stressed state at 50th.

Source: WalletHub

Even though we are ranked pretty stress free, there are still a few ways we could relieve our stress even more here in the Magic Valley.

  • 1

    Visit the Shoshone Falls

    For starters - go to the Shoshone Falls. This seems like the obvious choice for the list. But it is true - being near the roar of the Falls as the mist hits you is an easy,  peaceful and stress relieving activity. Plus right now the Shoshone Falls are at a high water flow!

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    Walk Through Downtown Twin Falls

    A few years ago you may not have thought that a stroll through Downtown Twin Falls would be enjoyable. But, the city and businesses have done so much work improving the buildings, streets and sidewalks, and overall look of downtown. Stop by the fountain area (even without water it is a nice place to sit) or the giant kaleidoscope.

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    Go Fishing

    Bear with me on this one because I know some people don't like to fish, but it gets you outside and that is a destresser by itself. You could even pretend to fish and just sit outside by a lake for some stress relief. There are even a few free fishing days coming up this summer in Idaho.

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    Target Practice Shooting

    There are a few ways you can do this one - but basically, we know that shooting or blowing things up (in a legal way) is tons of fun and a huge stress reliever! You could shoot guns or even the less loud archery target practice could be nice. Remember there are new rules in effect this year for target shooting out across the canyon.

  • 5

    Go To The Park

    You could go to a different park in Twin Falls for a few weeks and not have to repeat since there are so many cool parks in Twin Falls. If you have kids the First Fed Park by the soccer fields might be a great choice or Thomsen Park, Vista Bonita, or the Candycane Park. Those are fun parks where kids can run crazy and you can just chill. If you need something on the full-chill level with no running kids or craziness you really need to check out the magical Mary Alice Park in Downtown Twin Falls!

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