You can make all the old folks jokes you want to about Idaho being one of the most dangerous states for senior drivers - but a lot of it isn't their fault. It's the young whippersnappers too. At the ValuePenguin website they actually say we are the 4th most dangerous state in the nation!

In Idaho there is a traffic crash about every 21 minutes and a fatality from those crashes every 35 hours. That's not good news for road safety. We make fun of California drivers and Utah drivers but they are only ranked at 41st and 14th respectively.

The site also shows that Idaho is the second most concerning because the rate of senior driver fatalities increased 73 percent since 2012.

I know those stats are staggering and not a good sign of road safety in Idaho, but I can't help but think of Dumb and Dumber when I talk about senior drivers. Drive safe out there and take care.


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