2020 wins again for weird things happening. This time the news covers an adult male arguing with a group of kids at an Idaho haunted house. The argument led to the arrest of the adult male after he reportedly waved a gun at the youth group.

The incident happened at the Haunted World in Caldwell, according to a report from KTVB and covered by news as far away as WTSP in Florida. The man was detained by security at the haunted house and the police report states he was slurring his words and appeared to be intoxicated. They also report that he admits to pulling out the gun when the argument escalated and he became upset.

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He is now being charged with five felony counts of aggravated assault plus carrying a concealed weapon while intoxicated. Idaho law, as of July 2019, allows residents to conceal carry firearms with a few restrictions. One of those restrictions that you may not conceal carry while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The man, Joshua Lockner was in court earlier this week for an arraignment hearing.

No information was given on the topic of the argument or the number of, ages, or names of the kids involved.

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