Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love that you get to dress in costumes (even if you are an adult), get loads of candy, decorate your house however you want, and it’s 1 day after my birthday - so an added bonus for me. But, Halloween has changed a lot since I was a kid heading out with my group of friends to knock on as many doors as we could before curfew.

I recently saw a post on social media talking about how the influx of Trunk-or-treat events is ruining Halloween. The events do make it easy to get a ton of candy without running through streets or strange subdivisions with the hope of getting the best candies. What the Trunk-or-Treat events also do, according to the post, is ruin the holiday for those who celebrate from home.

I’ve seen this in my own neighborhood. We usually just leave a bucket full of candy on our porch and the last 2 years it has gone untouched. Others stay in their homes, waiting for the shrill voices of children asking for treats or feet smelling. But if you don’t live in the right neighborhood, those yells are few and far between.

But there is hope. You definitely must head to the house by the Temple and the haunted house on Pahsimeroi Drive, but there's another tool to help make sure you hit the good houses.

Could This Twin Falls Treat Map be Just What Kids Need for Halloween?

I still drive my kids around to the houses for treats, and sometimes we’ll drive up and down our neighborhood and not see any Halloween decorations or kids out in costumes. So we always head to the northeast part of Twin Falls where it always seems to be a party. But, there is an easier way to know who is handing out candy if you use the Nextdoor Halloween Treat Map. You do have to join with an email, and the map is only loaded with houses submitted by residents of Twin Falls - BUT - if you are planning on handing out candy and want kids to come to your house, this is an easy and free way to promote that information.

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Full discretion, this is the first year I have looked at the map and there are some houses listed but not a ton. For the Halloween Treat Map to work, it does require participation from the community.

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