If you’re old enough to remember good TV and I mention the Andy Griffith Show, you’ll probably start whistling the theme song in your head. What you probably don’t remember about the show is that Idaho made an appearance on the wall in Andy’s office.

Did They Mean To Put Idaho Upside Down In This Famous Old TV Show Map?

I found quite a few stories about the map situation in Mayberry, but no conclusive reason why the maps were upside down. The only common theory is that someone on the set team thought they had a clever sense of humor and did it. That would make sense, considering there are some who don’t know anything about Idaho today even with the internet, in the 60s you’d be able to pull off this gimmick with no problem.

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Idaho isn’t the only state that got the Mayberry map treatment. California, Montana, and Nevada were all part of the background map at some point, and also upside down.

Idaho Map Upside Down In Mayberry

Obviously, I’m not the first person to notice this joke in the Andy Griffith Show. There are a few short videos on social media that either address or inadvertently show the upside-down Idaho map. This one on TikTok shows it in the background as Barney is soaking in his new power as the temporary Sheriff of Mayberry.

KTVB did a feature about the map joke back in 2020 during one of their ‘The 208’ segments.

If little clips of Mayberry aren’t enough and you want to binge-watch the show now, you can do that on YouTube or Paramount Plus with a membership.

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