Thanks to the internet and the ease with which dumb ideas can spread like wildfire we have had way too many 'challenges' take off in the last few years. As my daughter put it to me last week 'They aren't even challenges they are just dumb things to do'. Some of those challenges have been for good reasons like the Ice Bucket Challenge and others have just been silly like Planking. Then you have the stupid challenges that could cause harm to someone and the latest falls into that category. The 48 Hour Challenge is floating around Facebook again and is aimed at teens.

The youth are challenged to go missing for 48 hours (see what I mean by dumb?) and the more mentions and Facebook reactions that them missing gets earns them points. At the end of the 48 Hour Challenge your point tally shows how successfully you completed the challenge. It could also land you with criminal charges according to a report on the challenge in Connecticut.

Sad mother missing her daughter
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This is bad on so many levels from stress to parents, to the child maybe actually ending up in trouble and missing, and the wasted hours by the police searching for the child who isn't actually in any danger. There are no reports of the challenge happening locally but in an article to the NY Post, Police warn parents to talk to their kids before anything happens. Some sites even claim the challenge isn't even a real trend since there seem to be no police reports available of the 48 Hour Challenge. So, there is a chance this is actually a fake trend being spread by parents to make their kids look like they do dumb things?

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