A recent online video has the internet feeling creeped out. A female inmate in Idaho had the short video posted to TikTok in which she asks for pen pals to write her. It isn’t uncommon for inmates to have pen pals, but it is uncommon for them to post on social media sites.

Convicted Idaho Child Rapist Posts TikTok Video Looking For Pen Pals

The video features a short plea for pen pals from an incarcerated woman named Miriah Vanlith who is serving 10 years in the South Idaho Correctional Institution for raping 2 teenage boys, enticing children over the internet, and the distribution of a controlled substance to a minor for which she was convicted in 2019, according to a document on BuzzFeed. That’s why the internet is so creeped out. This lady is in jail for enticing kids on the internet and has now been able to access social media looking for friends. There’s a lot of outrage on the internet but also interest as the Daily Mail reports Vanlith has received more than 500 contacts since the posting of the video.

How Can Inmates Post To Social Media

Vanlith didn’t post the video herself as inmates don’t have access to social media channels or the internet, so officials aren’t sure how the videos were posted. One theory is that she used the prison’s JPay system to have a friend or family record the messages and then post them on a TikTok account in her name. The videos and account have been removed as they violate the TikTok guidelines, under Minor Safety, of allowing people convicted of crimes against children to have accounts. There are response videos, or stitches, where you can still see her video along with a comment or reaction from another user.

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