I don't have $2 million lying around to spend on extraordinary real estate around Twin Falls. Actually, I just checked my wallet and I don't even have $2, but if I did have a ton of money this would be an awesome way to spend it. There's a big section of land for sale in the Snake River Canyon between Centennial Park and the Perrine Bridge and it includes part of the Mogensen Trail.

Where Is The Snake River Canyon Land For Sale Located?

The parcel of land for sale covers the entrance to the Mogensen Trail near the entrance to the Centennial Waterfront Parkway. It includes 32 acres of canyon land and 1,900 feet of riverfront property.

Parcel Of Snake River Canyon For Sale Includes Part Of Mogensen Trail

Who Is Selling The Snake River Canyon Parcel Of Land Near Centennial Park?

According to the sign posted at the mouth of the Mogensen Trail, Best of Idaho is the group in charge of the sale of the property. There are two web addresses listed at the bottom of the sign, but I couldn't find this real estate on either website. Heidi Baldwin is listed as the contact broker, so if you're interested you can call or text her at 208-720-2505. MagicValley.com says the property is listed with a price tag of $2 million.

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