Real estate is a tricky game to play. Even if you are lucky enough to be one of the people who understand the Idaho housing market, you are probably still surprised at how much prices have risen over the last few years and how much house you can get for your money now.

A million-dollar home today looks a lot different than a home valued at a million a decade ago. When I was a kid thinking about $1 million homes, those were the mansions, but that isn’t the case anymore. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a nice house for a million dollars. Zillow has loads of properties listed in that price range in Idaho with more than 5,000 square feet of space and multiple rooms.

But, if you head to 1 specific city in Idaho you’ll see housing prices that look extremely inflated. In fact, you’ll see the most overvalued homes in the United States in the capital city of the Gem State.

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Boise Ranked as the Most Overvalued Housing Market

DAWGS is a property security company that gathered info, from Fortune, on the most overvalued cities in the United States and the top city is Boise. Boise house prices are overvalued by 76.39 percent, ranking 1st in the nation and more than 14 percent higher than the 2nd place city, Austin Texas (62.33 percent).

Looking at properties in Boise on the Zillow real estate site and comparing them to houses in a different city: a recent listing for a 2,951 square-foot home has a price tag of $950,000 in Boise but in Idaho Falls, you can get a larger house with 6,302 square feet and a full acre lot for the same price.

It isn’t all bad though, if you like fancy real estate, there’s an amazing home listed in McCall for $19,995,000. It’s the most expensive home for sale in Idaho.

Idaho's Current Most Expensive House is Worth Every $1 Million Dollar Bill

This house in McCall, ID is a true gem. It's filled with rooms for a variety of uses and everything about it feels unique. From the curved kitchen sink to the beautiful atrium - you have to check it out.

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