I like a lot of different types of music from the bubblegum pop-punk of the early 2,000's and the grunge of the 90's mixed with pop and rock from the 60's through the 90's. My mix-tapes in high school were a roller coaster ride of genres. You can even find some good new bands if you listen hard enough. One thing about rock and roll music is that you can't deny that it does rock and most people will admit to liking at least some form rock music. My mom will even turn up a Journey or Boston song. Since there are so many fans of rock, Vivid Seats set out to determine which state rocks the hardest. Surprisingly the top most rocking states are the Dakotas but not far behind, rounding out the top five, is Idaho.

Those numbers are based on the population of each state compared to the number of rock shows that come through each year. That makes more sense since the Dakotas are among the least populated in the United States so it takes less bands coming through to get their odds up. California is one of the most populated states and had the most rock shows come to their state, which you could argue means they rock more. But, we like the per capita comparison that ranked Idaho 5th among the biggest rockers.

They aren't all rock bands, but you can see all the groups coming through Idaho on tour at Vivid Seats' website.

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