April Fool’s Day, some people really hate it and some people REALLY love it. I’m one of those who loves it.

I came into work Sunday night to set up booby trap pranks all around the office. In all, I used about 60 poppers placed on doors, office chairs, desk drawers, and toilet seats. Most had been detonated by the time I got to work by the early arrivers.

Do People in Idaho Like Pranks

I love pulling pranks but I’m less excited to be pranked. I’d bet that is how many people feel. But, I don’t like to miss out so I was happy that one of my coworkers had set up a few surprises in my office. She had swapped out a few of the keys on my keyboard so they didn’t match the letter printed on the key. She also set up a bowl of ping pong balls that exploded when I pulled out my chair because some of them were attached to it by strings.

If you live in the Gem State and hate pranks, it turns out that you are in the minority. A recent study says that pretty much everyone highly anticipates April Fool’s Day. The results say that, based on Google searches, Idaho is #1 and scores a 100 out of 100 in regards to interest in the holiday.

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Now, to be fair there may have been a number of searches looking to see when the day was so they could call in sick to work and not have to deal with pranks. The results are hidden behind a safety wall here at work because the website is a gambling site called BetMichigan (we can’t even look at the Idaho Lottery website here), but they emailed me the stats. If you aren’t blocked from gambling sites you can see all the details at Bet Michigan.

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I don’t wait for April Fool’s Day to pull pranks. A few years ago, I realized it was September and the office needed a surprise when they came to work the next day. So I changed all the computer backgrounds in the entire office to a picture of my face. Just because. Chek that out in the video below and the videos after that are a bunch of the pranks I’ve done from previous years. My personal favorite is the air horn on the office chair.

Here’s one where I got my wife and kids with party poppers on our home door.

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