Today has to be the saddest April Fool's Day in the history of the game. Nobody is at work and even if they were, I'm working from home. Every year at the radio station this day is known as the blood pressure test day. You never know what will explode, be slimy, not work right, pop out at you, or cause an air horn blast. This isn't the year to pull those pranks anyways. Everyone is already on edge due to COVID-19, everyone stuck at home being annoying, and the fact that we just had Idaho's largest earthquake in almost 40 years. You can pull pranks today but do it cautiously and be nice. Remember there is a difference between a prank and just being mean.

Luckily I've documented almost all of my pranks from the last few years at the radio station, so even if I can't get anyone today I can watch these videos and fell good knowing I did my part in years past. Seven of my favorite AFD pranks are below.

As you can see in the videos I have fun with the pranks and the setup is one of my favorite things. I've incorporated glitter wrapping paper, poppers and snappers, tape, fake spiders, air horns, Vaseline, and computer sabotage into my deeds. You may not be able to do anything good today, but put these and the ones in the videos on the backburner for when the COVID-19 craziness calms down:

  • Always carry a jar of Vaseline or lotion. You can put it on all sorts of surfaces - door handles, toilet seats, phone ear pieces, or anything that people regularly touch is fair game.
  • Turn off the water to the sink and toilets - nothing is funnier than messing with people in the bathroom!
  • Buy stink bombs and put them in somebody's car.
  • Switch out the sugar for salt or salt for sugar.
  • Break out some of the Halloween masks - nobody expects to see Dracula in April!
  • Mix in random printed off pictures with the copy paper and when your co-workers print off papers they will see your “work”
  • Switch their desktop background, hide the icons and start bar, and change the mouse to an hourglass.  They’ll spend a few minutes trying to figure out why their computer isn’t working.
  • Put tape over the ear or mouth piece of the desk phones – they’ll think people are prank calling them…but they really just can’t hear the other end.
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