The majority of Idaho is not covered in a blanket of snow right now, but winter is coming and there will be days where the roads will only be safely passable with special tires or equipment.

When Are Winter and Snow Tires Legal in Idaho?

Technically your snow and winter tires are perfectly legal in Idaho right now, even if you don’t need them. Idaho law allows studded winter tires between October 1st and April 30th according to Idaho Code Title 49 Chapter 9 49-948 paragraph 3. There are exceptions that allow some vehicles the use of studded tires for longer time periods. The Twin Falls Police recently posted about the use of tire studs in their Tuesday Traffic Tip on October 24th:

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On November 7th, the Twin Falls Sheriff’s Office also posted about studded tires, explaining their importance, how they work, and how to properly use them.

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If you have studded tires or chains, it is a good idea to get them ready now as the extended forecast for Idaho shows snow falling before the end of the month. 2 inches of snow is the prediction for Southern Idaho before it clears up in early December. More snow is expected closer to Christmas.

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