If you love movies and haven't yet heard about MoviePass - then you need to sit down right now and take a deep breath.

MoviePass is a company that allows you to see any movie, at any participating theater, on any day for a monthly fee. And that fee is now just $9.99! Pick yourself up off the floor and read that again. For under $10 you can see any movie you want in the theater. That almost makes it affordable to also buy popcorn and a drink.

Here's the sweetest part. Even though the site is having issues and not showing all the participating theaters, when I checked earlier, the Twin Falls Cinema 13 was one of the theaters to which you can go. If you check here it still is.

Theaters Currently Accepting MoviePass In Idaho


  • Northgate Reel Theatre
  • Edwards Boise Stadium 22 & IMAX
  • Burley Century Cinema 5
  • Paramount Tri-Plex
  • Carmike 7 Chubbuck
  • Reel Theatre Pocatello
  • Reel Theatre 6 @ Country Club Plaza
  • Edwards Grand Teton Stadium 14
  • Edwards Nampa Stadium 14
  • The Reel Theatre 8 Ontario
  • Nampa Reel Theatre 6
  • Overland Park 1-2-3
  • Centre Twin Theatre
  • Big Wood 4
  • Majestic Cinemas - Meridian
  • Carmike Pineridge 11
  • Regal Boise Downtown Stadium 9
  • Magic Lantern Cinema & Screening Rooms
  • The Flicks
  • Paramount 5
  • Northern Lights Cinema Grill
  • Nampa Gateway Stadium 12
  • Fatcats Cinema 6
  • Sun Valley Opera House
  • Magic Valley Cinema 13
  • Village Cinema Meridian
  • Village Cinema 15
  • Idan-Ha Theatre Indoor
  • River Cinemas
  • Blue Fox Theater
  • Kenworthy 1
  • Lewiston Village Centre Cinemas
  • Village Centre Cinemas at Eastside Market Place
  • Regal Cinemas Riverstone Stadium 14
  • Bonner Mall Cinemas

Some theaters aren't happy about the low fee and may stop accepting the MoviePass memberships so make you you check the MoviePass site before you sign up and start your membership.

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