Santa probably has his list of naughty and nice kids finalized by now. If you haven't been good so far this year, the clock is ticking. If you've been good all year, then it would probably take a pretty big mistake to knock you off the nice list at this point. The gifts from Santa are based on an individual's attempts at being good, but what if Santa were also judging each city based on the population as a whole? Which Southern Idaho towns would make the nice list and which would be on the naughty list?

Southern Idaho Cities on the Nice List for Christmas

Overall, Southern Idaho is a good place. People are nice and we try to be good, so which towns are on Santa's nice list:

Southern Idaho Cities on the Christmas Naughty List

Sometimes there are naughty people who bring our level of good down and we dip onto the naughty list. These towns are getting coal based on scientific studies from RoadSnacks due to crime and other dangerous instances:

  • Pocatello - came in near the top of the worst cities to live in Idaho.
  • Twin Falls - almost made the nice list, but came in as the 10th worst place to live in Idaho.
  • Blackfoot - is getting worse. Blackfoot is up 11 spaces on the naughty list.
  • Mountain Home -
  • Nampa - has one of the highest poverty rates in all of Idaho.
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