Normally I love Idaho, but right now I hate it. And it isn’t even totally Idaho’s fault. I hate that the air is filled with smoke and my chest and head are full of congestion because of it. So, who is to blame for our hazy horizons in Idaho this time?

What Wildfires Are Burning Around Idaho

In Southern Idaho, we are feeling and seeing the effects of dozens of fires from around Idaho and even more from neighboring states. There are 3 small fires currently burning, or recently contained and extinguished, near Twin Falls: one in the South Hills at Black Mountain at 100 acres and two to the north near Magic Reservoir with a combined burn area of around 2,000 acres. The wildfire map from Western Fire Chiefs shows all the blazes happening around the United States.

Credit Wildfire Map
Credit Wildfire Map

We can’t blame Nevada for our smokey skies as somehow their state is void of fires, but the entire central and northwest coast is littered with wildfires of various sizes creating smoke that ends up in a shroud of gross over Idaho. Interestingly, the only fire named Idaho is a small blaze happening in California.

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The Idaho BLM posts frequent updates on local fires on their Facebook page. They shared today that stage 1 fire restrictions are in effect in northern Idaho.

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DISCLAIMER: The information about specific fires in this story is not definite. Fires are not constant. Fires grow and fires are contained. For the latest on fires around Idaho check the Wildfire Map and follow the BLM Idaho Fire on Facebook.

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