Just because school is out for the summer doesn't mean our kids have to stop learning. Summer is a great time to teach our youth responsibility and charity. One way to get kids outside and helping their neighbors and learning the joy of service is by mowing the yards of the elderly, sick, single moms, and veterans. Really, anyone can benefit from a helping hand with yard work.

Lawn Care Challenge WeAreRaisingMen

We Are Raising Men is a website and a charity group that looks for opportunities to serve and help young men in all communities also learn to serve and help how and when they can. They have a 50 Yard Lawn Care Challenge for young men to mow 50 lawns for free this summer. School starts up in just a few weeks but it isn't too late to start your kids on the path. Kids can earn shirts as they mow lawns, sort of like earning colored belts in martial arts, and they can start up a group with their friends to cover more yards.