During a recent inspection of my front lawn, I noticed the return of an annual, relentless, fungal nemisis that I battled for eight months last year. Yes, the wild mushrooms are back Magic Valley.

I spent a good part of this past weekend doing chores and preparing for watering and mowing season. One of the landscaping headaches I've had to deal with in recent years has been the appearance of wild mushrooms that have been growing along our front fence and on the parkway lawn. The growth stems from some old trees that died in the yard, and over time produced a fungis that returns every spring.

Battling these mushrooms is almost a daily undertaking from April to November. As soon as you destroy one growth, another grows in its place. Luckily, they grow along our fence lines and are concealed for the most part.

The two obvious ways to rid your property of these annoying growths are to dig up old, rotted tree stumps, and to use special fertilizers. We had a local company come out and hydroseed the front and back of our property in 2020, so digging isn't an option. I've just been carefully killing the growths off with a rake, and haven't really looked into fighting the issue with chemicals yet.

I have a neighbor who also has an issue with invasive mushrooms on his property. These growths seem to be effecting several homes in our neighborhood. My question to you is, do you have another method for removing invasive mushrooms on your property that has worked well for you?

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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