In the world of Emojis there are those that have an obvious meaning and others that have a hidden meaning.

Idaho's most used emoji is one of the latter. Decluttr gathered info on the most used Emojis from each state and here in Idaho we love to use the eggplant emoji. What? Do we love eggplants that much or are we using it in place of a potato? Nope.

In the new age of technology, the eggplant is used in messaging to either actually represent an eggplant (but there is no way we like eggplant that much) or to represent a man's anatomy appendage. Yep. Idaho - you are gross.

Maybe not the most gross though since Wyoming and Montana seem to be obsessed with the poo emoji. Y'all need to get your minds out of the gutter and send some kissy face or regular old smiley face emojis.

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