This sounds like a dream to a lot of people, me included, but the ability to binge watch and the desire to binge watch that much TV are two different things. With the exception of a select few Marvel movies (Iron Man 3, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor: The Dark World), I actually wouldn't mind going back and rewatching all the Marvel movies. I haven't seen the original Iron Man in a few years and that's the one that started it all! I've seen Thor: Ragnarok a few times and I still think Infinity War could be watched a few more times and still get me in the feels.

But - there is no way this old body of mine could binge watch all those movies. That's about 40 hours of awesome movie time but I am lucky to make it through two movies in a day without falling asleep.

If you have better movie-watching stamina than I do then this is your moment to shine. CableTV is looking for a die hard Marvel fan with social media skills to binge watch and live tweet their experience. They'll choose one lucky comic book nerd and give them $1,000 on top of a ton of other cool prizes like a Infinity Gauntlet mug, Captain America popcorn popper, Iron Man snuggie, and every MCU film on Blu-Ray.

If you are up for the challenge you can apply at the CableTV site. You just need to be convincing on the application form that you are the one for the job.

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