There are two questions that every superhero has to answer: will you reveal your identity and will you use your power for good or evil. I don't want to delve into the good or evil question, I'm more curious if you would reveal your identity along with your superpower. In the movies we see the inner fight of heroes, like Spiderman or the Flash, who want to tell their loved ones about their special powers but don't want to put them at risk. Then we see heroes like Iron Man and Superman who either tell the whole world who they are or don't really go out of their way to hide it. You can argue all you want, but Superman's "disguise" is not a good one.

15. Henry Cavill
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If you had a superpower, what category would you fall into? Would you keep it secret or tell everyone about it?

If, after answering our poll above, you actually have powers and decide you want to let the world know: there's a way to cash in on your powers and not be a bad guy for it. There has been a search for super-powered humans going on for a few years by the CFI Investigations Group. They are offering $250,000 to anyone who can prove that they have a super power. They say they have had numerous people apply but no one has been able to prove their power is real.

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They also warn that if 'hearing voices' is your power that it may actually be an illness that a doctor can diagnose. I'm also willing to bet that an ability to make food disappear by eating it, clearing a room with your gas, and ending conversations by awkward remarks won't count as a super power.

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