We are in the era of superhero movies. In just a few days we get the Ant-Man and The Wasp movie, and later this year Incredibles 2, Aquaman, and an animated Spiderman movie, then next year is a big one for female superheroes with Captain Marvel in March. Which is pretty interesting that Captain Marvel didn't show up at all on a survey of the favorite female superheroes in each state by Frontier Communications. Spoiler -Kind of like how she didn't show up in Infinity War. It's been out 9 weeks and we aren't waiting for you to see it anymore!

Captain Marvel is easily the most powerful superhero (not just female) in the Marvel universe. So why isn't she on the list? I don't know but I guarantee she will be next year. In the meantime Wonder Woman (understandably) is the majority favorite in the United States but in Idaho we went with someone different and quite surprising. In Idaho our favorite female superhero is the lesser-known Valkyrie. She made her appearance in Thor: Ragnarok and then for some reason was a no-show in Infinity War. Just like Captain Marvel. You really should go see it because the spoilers will keep coming.

Favorite Female Superhero N8

Do you agree that Valkyrie is the best or do you have a different favorite female superhero? I'm partial to the Wasp. Not because she is a great hero but because she is played by Evangeline Lilly, and she's the best. FYI - she didn't show up in Infinity War either.

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