South of Idaho, inmates have new hope and purpose as well as their new four-legged friend. Unadoptable dogs are finding their new purpose and life in a program that places them with inmates to help them find their new forever home. This program has done wonders for both humans and animals alike, as they give each a friend and hope to find a better life. 

Program At Prison Helps Dogs and Inmates

The program called "New Leash on Life" has inmates team up with dogs that are deemed unadoptable for one reason or another. The inmates help train the dogs, teaching them basic commands and helping set them up for adoption down the line. In some cases, the inmate that trained the dog has adopted their dog upon release creating a lifelong bond. 

Inmates Finding Purpose and Excitement In Life

Credit: Damir Spanic on Unsplash
Credit: Damir Spanic on Unsplash

Being in prison can be very lonely and depressing. While the program may seem to help the dogs more by leading to an adoption, it helps the inmates just as much if not more. They are proud to show off their dogs and are excited to have a friend to spend time with. It gives these people new hope and outlook on life. 

More Prisons Need New Leash On Life

Credit: Hope Frock on Unsplash
Credit: Hope Frock on Unsplash

While the program is still relatively young, it seems to have been successful for both the dogs and the inmates that have participated. Most of the dogs in the program come from abusive backgrounds and these inmates have shown them love and brought the dogs out of their shells. If more prisons had this program, more dogs would be able to find homes, inmates would find new purposes and the effects would help all involved. 

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This program is unique but seems to be very effective. Seven of the dogs in the program were adopted by their inmate handler and in some cases, prison employees helped with the adoption fees to make sure the two ended up together. Instead of seeing dogs put down, more should be given a chance in this program. Everyone deserves a second chance and New Leash on Life proves what can happen if given that chance and the opportunity if shown love. 

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