This week has been a tough week for Idaho. We started off with extremely smoky and unhealthy air quality as fires in and around Idaho sent ash filled and hazy skies our way. The bad air continued for most of the week with a few hours here and there where the sky would turn blue and breathing outdoors was a little easier. But those moments were short lived as fires grew and new ones started. One of the biggest fires concerning us here in Twin Falls is the Badger Fire in the South Hills. Up until last night I didn't fully understand how close this fire is to us, when I came across a post from the Magic Mountain Ski Resort as they were, with the help of firefighters, prepping the ski lodge for the fire.

I read that last night and by this morning there had been an evacuation order for everyone in the South Hills Rock Creek area. People have left their houses and others have also been forced to relocate their livestock which, as you can see in this video, is no easy task.

Though the Badger Fire is a pressing danger in Southern Idaho, there are dozens of other large fires surrounding us between Idaho, Washington, California, and Oregon. The US Forest Service has an interactive map that shows all the major wildfires around the United States. One look at the map and you can see why this is such an unhealthy and dangerous time.

Interactive Wildfire Map

If you would like to help our local firefighters or those forced to evacuate their homes, they are in need of food and comfort items. See the list of items needed and where to donate them here.

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