I Can’t Unsee Idaho’s Face
Someone pointed out to me that the Eastern side of Idaho looks like a face and after staring at electoral maps all week, I can't unsee it.
Twin Falls County and Dispatch to Collect Address Information
Twin Falls County and the regional 911 center will be verifying the physical addresses of homes for better response to emergencies in the next few months. The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office and Southern Idaho Regional Communications announced they have contracted Geo-Comm, Inc. to survey and collect physical addresses for a map that will be used at SICOMM for 911 emergencies.
Is Idaho The Middle Of Nowhere
We have all said it or heard it. Somebody asks where you are and you reply with 'I'm in the middle of nowhere'. A new study of highways and towns found that unless you were in Idaho you were not really in the middle, maybe just close to nowhere, since the middle of nowhere is technically in Southern Idaho.