Southern Idaho's most popular rock can be found 27 miles west of Twin Falls. I've visited it on numerous occasions, including one evening when I swear I heard some very unusual sounds coming from the 40-ton marvel.

Balanced Rock is made up of a number of different types of volcanic compounds, according to the books I've read about it. Rhyolite, quartz, iron, and other rock and elements are what make up the 48-foot tall beast that towers above the roadway near Castleford. Rhyolite, in particular, is thought to possess a type of animal magnetism, and volcanic rock itself many believe can produce a natural sound resembling a hum during an airflow current or geographical shift.

In December of 2020, I was working on a story for Christmas where I took a Star Shower projector to the site, and proceeded to light Balanced Rock up for the holiday. When the colorful lasers contacted the rock, it produced an incredible sight.

Just a few feet from reaching the top where the rock itself sits on its pedestal, I began hearing a sound that I couldn't quite identify. My daughter was with me as well, and she also heard it. I think because I was up there at night and there was very little traffic sound coming from the highway below, I was able to pick up on this unusual noise. When people talk about the famous landmark, I always encourage them to take the hike at night, when it's quiet and there aren't any people around.

Some people believe volcanic compounds can also produce some sort of healing power in people. This rock formation might very well be attracting area animals or emitting sounds that can only be heard at night when it's very quiet.

If you get the chance, visit the rock at night, and listen very hard. You just might hear what I heard.

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