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Vandals have again struck a piece of Southern Idaho history.  The latest is Balanced Rock outside Buhl.  This is just days after some criminals defaced City of Rocks.  Both places were popular routes among early pioneers.  Many left behind messages, which are among the most important cultural artifacts in the American West.

Defacing these monuments isn’t a laughing matter.  There are penalties.  You could find yourself behind bars in a crowded jail.  During a pandemic. 

if you can help track down the people involved, the Sheriff’s Office would appreciate a call

Sergeant Ken Mencl is with the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office.  He joined us on Newsradio 1310, KLIX.  He shared some details of the latest crime at Balanced Rock.

This isn’t the first time vandals have tried laying waste to the park, which is known internationally for its unique formations and one very unique formation.

Clearly, if you can help track down the people involved, the Sheriff’s Office would appreciate a call.  It’s possible both cases involved bored teenagers.  With schools closed many find they have a lot of idle time.  Combined with peer pressure, they often make very poor decisions.

You can hear our discussion with Sergeant Mencl at YouTube.  Click on the video at the bottom of the page.

Personally, I wouldn’t speculate the two cases are related.  The distance between the two parks is considerable.  As the crow flies, City of Rocks isn’t all that far away in Cassia County, however.  Getting there takes a considerable amount of time rounding a mountain.  My opinion, this may be a copycat attempt.  If it does involve kids, they may be sharing their exploit with friends.

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