The pandemic is beginning to calm a little, and companies are doing their best to bounce back from the last couple of years. Businesses across the country and world are looking to fill spots that they had to let go of during the height of the pandemic, but are attempting to increase their staffs now. Some states are struggling more than others, while others are having more success finding people to fill those openings. How does Idaho rank compared to other states?

States Struggling the Most to Fill Open Jobs

Credit: Ernie Journeys on Unsplash
Credit: Ernie Journeys on Unsplash

Recently, WalletHub released a list of states that are struggling the most filling job openings in the United States. The results were shocking, to say the least. Alaska ranked as the number one state struggling the most when it comes to filling job openings. Their job opening rates are at an astounding 9.4 percent. Rounding out the top three were Georgia second and New Hampshire third. The state or district that is struggling the least is Washington DC, with Kansas being the state with the least struggle, barely ahead of Connecticut.

How Does Idaho Compare to the Other States?

Job Growth Spurs Drop In Unemployment Rate To 4.7 Percent
Credit: Joe Raedle, Getty Images

Idaho is one of the top ten states in terms of struggling to fill open positions. They come in at seventh on the list, only one spot behind Montana. There are multiple job openings across the Magic Valley, yet they remain unfilled. The job opening rate in the state is at 7.4 percent. While Idaho isn't struggling as badly as Montana, Wyoming and Utah are doing much better. Wyoming came in at 19 on the list and Utah fell in at 36. To see the full list you can click the link.

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For those that need a job, Idaho has plenty available. Why many aren't applying is yet to be determined. Is it the weather, the lack of transportation, the lack of wanting to, or something else? As long as people continue to not apply, then more jobs will remain unfilled in Idaho. 

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