Not a big surprise, but Idaho has some different laws than in other states. Now, I know there are some here who make fun of Californians and don't want them moving to Idaho. But, I do think that California has a law that I'd like to see here. In California, a gas station has to offer free air and water to customers.

The reason this is on my mind right now is that I was at a gas station here in Twin Falls with one of those pay for air machines outside. In the store, I heard a customer talking to the cashier and demanding the gas station give him free air for his tires. He was arguing it was a law and they had to do it. I'd never heard that before, and neither had the store clerk or her boss. I did like the idea of free tire air though. I don't know if the customer was from California, but after I dug around online, there are only two states that have a law for free tire air and water. Those states are California and Connecticut.

So, in Idaho, a gas station does not have to give you free air for your tires. Luckily, there are still a few in Twin Falls that do. You can find which gas stations offer free air in other cities too at the Free Air Pump website. According to that site, the Chevrons on Blue Lakes and Pole Line have free air and a Stinker in Jerome does too.

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