There are a lot of dirty jobs in the world, heck they even made a show about it. But when it comes to dirty jobs that are also gross - this Magic Valley business takes the trophy.

If you have a pet there are loads of benefits. One thing that is not a benefit and nobody enjoys though is their poop. At my house we call it poop patrol when we send the kids out to scour the yard for doggy land mines. I know I'm not the only one who deals with this, as noted in the Facebook post above, and due to the fact that I found a business on Facebook that knows you hate cleaning up poop and they are willing to take that load off your hands.

Pooper Troopers will come out to your yard every week or as often as needed to clear your yard of doggy doodoo! If I didn't have kids that I was forcing to do the work I would be calling them in a heartbeat! Maybe my kids will see this and make the call themselves? I bet they'd be willing to pay someone else to do their chores.

Is there a job that is more gross than cleaning up dog poop?


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