I think it would be extremely easy and fair to call 2020 a loss on any new year's resolution you may have made in January. If you succeeded at anything this year, consider it a win and let's make plans for 2021. Or, maybe we show 2020 who is the real boss and set some 2020 resolutions right now that we can fulfill over the next few weeks. Just because the year was a dumpster fire and nothing really went as planned doesn't mean we can't achieve something good this year. You aren't going to lose 150 pounds, or start from scratch and run a 4 minute mile. But you could start.

My wife got me a small hot tub for my birthday so I'm seeing a lot more of myself lately. I spend hours in the hot tub every week and sometimes while I'm soaking I realize that I have the body of a 40 year old. So, last week I made a change. I haven't done anything drastic but I have been doing push-ups whenever I go out. Am I getting ripped? Not even close, but I am doing 100 percent more push-ups than I was doing before. That's my goal for the rest of the year: do 40 push-ups before I get in the hot tub. I don't do them everyday because I don't get in the water everyday. But I do feel good doing them and that's something I'm going to achieve this year.

You still have a few weeks to do something too. Maybe you have been a couch potato since March - get up and take a walk on a treadmill or around the block a few times a week. Now might be a hard time to try eating healthy since the holidays are really just days full of junk food, but you can do something. Maybe don't eat all the candy around you or drink a few less sodas. What you do is up to you, but anything you do to improve is a positive and you should take that and run with it as we go into 2021.

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