Stanley, Idaho has been shaking like Studio 54 on a weekend in the 70's. On the final day of March this year, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit near Stanley and was felt at least as far south as Twin Falls and a few neighboring states. The recent earthquake was much smaller but still a powerful shake with a force of 4.4 on Tuesday afternoon around 2:24. The large earthquake was preceded by a 3.9 magnitude just moments earlier and followed by 6 smaller earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 2.6 to 3.2.

Over the past seven days, the Stanley area has been pummeled by more than a dozen small earthquakes. The constant shaking, along with the power of the larger quakes, has changed the face of the Stanley area. Mountain sides have crumbled and lakes have flooded.

I was up in that area a few weekends ago for my first time ever camping near the Alturas and Pettit Lakes. I didn't see any signs that there had been an earthquake, since I didn't know what changes to look for. Others who frequent the area have taken note of specific changes caused by the earth shaking.

My family was talking about the end of March earthquake and making fun of me because they all felt it and I was standing in my kitchen with them and didn't notice anything. The only reason I believed them was that the pull cord for a light was shaking and our library chandeliers were swaying. Maybe my superpower is immunity to earthquakes?

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Stanley Lake Idaho

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