Thursday morning, one of the largest earthquakes in the nation over the last week hit near Cascade, Idaho. At 5:20 AM a 4.6 magnitude earthquake shook the earth near Stanley. That size makes it the 2nd largest earthquake in the United States this week, tying the strength of two other quakes earlier this week. The three equal and larger earthquakes all happened near Lone Pine, California with the largest registering as a massive 5.8 magnitude.

Thursday's earthquake was one of the largest in the region this year. There have been multiple reports of 4.4 or smaller quakes in Central Idaho including one on May 13th and another on May 21st. The largest in the state this year happened on March 31st in the same area as the other large earthquakes. It registered at 6.5 and was felt in the Magic Valley and some neighboring states. There have been hundreds of smaller earthquakes/aftershocks since March 31st. 30 smaller earthquakes have happened in the mountain area over the last seven days, though most are much smaller in the 2.5 to 3.0 magnitude range.

The late March earthquake was so large that it impacted the topography of the area. Lakes have flooded, hiding trails and submerging trees. Rock formations were damaged by the shaking too. The smaller earthquakes will likely continue for many months with the occasional large shaker. A similar earthquake situation happened a few years ago in Southern Idaho near Soda Springs.

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Stanley Lake Idaho

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