Thanks to Mom, Easter was & always will be one of my favorite holidays.  

Growing up, I swore Lynnie had an in with the Easter Bunny himself.

From our incredible homemade baskets stuffed with treats, toys, fresh spring clothes, and school supplies to get us through the final quarter, to the elaborate, over-the-top egg hunts that spanned two floors and our backyard, she made everything more special than I could appreciate at the time.

To this day, I still don't know how she pulled it off.

'90s Easter just had to be there. 

Even our '90s Easter fashion was on-point. Year after year, Mom had my three sisters and me decked out in Kentucky Derby-sized Easter bonnets, white gloves, the laciest of lacey socks and shiny white patent leather pumps, and perfectly starched pastel floral dresses, Peter Pan collars and all.

Easter Sunday, 1983. My cousin, Brooke, and me, posing toothless and rocking pilgrim dresses. It's the only throwback Easter pic I have in my phone right now.
Easter Sunday, 1983. Me (left) white dress, and my cousin, Brooke (r), rocking our pilgrim dresses. It's the only throwback Easter pic I have in my phone right now.

My brother, bless his heart, spent the first half of our childhood Easters in a gray, Pee-wee Herman-like suit until him and Dad started sporting complimentary Bill Cosby sweaters and tan slacks to church.

Meanwhile, she didn't commit to the bonnet, but Mom was a knock-out in whatever she sported with her fresh perm and perfectly-applied blue eyeliner.

The After-Mass Dash

After what felt like a three-hour Mass, we'd practically jump to the pews to beat the other parishioners to the Blessed Mother statue. Why? To snap our obligatory family Polaroids in our Easter best, of course 😉

By the time the holy-rollers were lining up to shake Father's hand and rave about his never-ending homily that hadn't changed in five years, we were already high-tailing it to my father's two-tone, brown and beige 1986 Suburban.

It only had enough seatbelts for three out of the five of us kids, but we didn't care. It got us home from church in less than three Styx songs to kick-off our egg hunt, and that's all that mattered.

Egg hunt hazards weren't a thing back then. 

And if they were, us five kids certainly had no idea. Between Mom, who could spot an impending crisis from five miles away , and Dad, a Chicago fireman, us kids managed to survive every Easter unscathed and unassisted by first responders.

The older I get, the more I appreciate how blessed we were. Today, the headlines and the news cycle following Easter Sunday are a litany of the horrors and accidents that befall kids at egg hunts, community events, and family parties. See for yourself in the gallery below.

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