The price of gas has always been a source of sadness during the holiday season, but 2022 might be different. As we approach Christmas, the price of fuel in Idaho has dropped below $4 per gallon and it could drop even more over the next few weeks.

Thanks to Utah Idaho Gas Prices Dip Below $4 Leading up to Christmas

Normally we don’t like to give Utah too much credit for anything good that happens in Idaho, but the lower gas prices could be partly attributed to a little help from Utah. In a press release from AAA, Utah is partially credited with the dip in gasoline prices and the possibility of continued drops:

It’s encouraging that Utah, where most of Idaho’s gasoline supply is refined, is seeing an average price of $3.79 per gallon today

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But Utah doesn’t get all the credit. Lower gas prices are also attributed to lower demand across the nation. Some states in the midwest are even seeing average prices per gallon under $3.

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Average Price Per Gallon For Gas In Idaho

The state average price for gasoline is currently at $3.94, which is nice but still higher than almost every other state in the nation. Only 6 states are dealing with gas prices higher than Idaho: Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and California all have an average of over $4 and Hawaii averages a whopping $5.18 per gallon.

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

Will Idaho Gas Prices Continue To Drop

The AAA press release seems positive that gas prices could continue to dip as we near Christmas and the New Year, but also points out that the scarcity of crude oil could cause the prices to climb after the holiday season.

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