By now, you've probably heard about the Greater Idaho movement with lawmakers proposing Idaho take in the eastern part of Oregon, making it a part of the Gem State. There are obviously a lot of things that would have to be sorted out before that could happen, but it's looking possible.

But, why stop there?

Sure, there are many legal hurdles that would have to be addressed before this can happen but why are we stopping at eastern Oregon? Why don't we just go for the entire country?

Idaho taking in eastern Oregon would certainly draw a massive amount of attention from around the country and other states might get some ideas.

Let's beat them to the punch.

The United States of Idaho

Just imagine... the entire country, one nation, under Idaho. It would certainly have its benefits but would that mean people could still complain about people "moving to Idaho?" You know, since we're all one nation now?

There would be some sweet additions to Idaho and it would make it the best place to be on the entire planet.

Let's look at some of the states that Idaho should be proud to call its own. Watch out! Here we come, America!

Why Stop At Greater Idaho? Bring On The United States of Idaho!

Let's look at the best states that Idaho could absorb to become the United States of Idaho.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Now, if we were to take in the rest of the country, they would have to abide by Idaho's laws. So... could you bury your pet in the United States of Idaho... I mean, the state of Idaho?

Is It Illegal To Bury Your Pet In Idaho?

What is the law on burying your pets in Idaho? Here are the rules you'll need to follow if you plan on burying your pet in Idaho according to the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Once again, the residents of the United States of Idaho would have to abide by Idaho's laws. Here are some of the 2023 laws that our new residents would have to get familiar with...

2023 Idaho Laws You Need To Know

Okay, well... some of these laws may not affect you but there are a few laws that we'll all notice right away. Let's take a look...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Should Idaho Adopt A Law Focused on Shopping Bags?

Idaho doesn't have a tax on plastic bags at the grocery store... should they? Here's what the people of Idaho are saying.

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