Warmer weather brings thoughts of traveling to see family, finding a new camping spot, and looking for new fun. All of those things also bring more chances for vehicular accidents. Nobody wants their recreation time marred by accidents.

A new batch of young drivers will be out for summer fun and AAA Idaho encourages parents to talk and work with their teen drivers about safety measures, traffic laws, and the consequences of breaking the law.

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In 202026 people died in accidents involving teen drivers in Idaho. 11 of those accidents occurred from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Numbers can be eye-opening. Teen driver fatal crashes put Idaho at the 6th highest per capita in 2020. This is a number that is sobering for parents and teen drivers alike.

The Idaho Transportation Department has data that one-third of all serious injuries and fatal crashes happen from Memorial Day through Labor Day - the ‘100 Deadliest Days’ in Idaho.

What Drivers Should Do Immediately After a Car Crash

If a crash does happen, AAA Idaho reminds drivers of what steps to take.

  • If people are hurt, get medical assistance.
  • Pull out of traffic if possible.
  • Call the police even for minor accidents.
  • Take photos of the license, registration, insurance, as well as the crash scene from many angles if possible.
  • Call your insurance provider to report the crash.

With summer fun excursions and increased traffic, there are more distracted drivers. Slow down, buckle up, and pay attention to the road. You need to get to the destination to have fun at the destination.

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