There are many things to be afraid of when it comes to living in California. There are sharks in the water, there are wildfires every summer it seems, earthquakes, traffic, crime, and much more. Despite all this, many people love living in the state and continue to do so every day. There are plenty of things to fear daily, and if the things listed above aren't enough, add one more thing to the list. There are currently killers on the loose in California who should not be approached and many are afraid of if they do.

Killers in California

Credit: Cavan Images
Credit: Cavan Images

With most of the rainy season having moved on, and the temperatures on the rise, more and more bugs are beginning to come out. They never truly disappear in the Golden State, but they become less frequent. This time of year, the numbers begin to increase as flowers and trees begin to blossom. The problem with these bugs coming back is that they bring out ones that many people are allergic to and ones that are aggressive as well. Wasps, bees, and spiders are some of the worst bugs to encounter. While bees are good, not everyone reacts well to their stings. Spiders can be helpful as well, but get bit by the wrong one you will be paying the price. Wasps are a beast of their own and serve less of a purpose than the others. 

Wasps, Spiders, Bees, and Bug to Avoid in California

Credit: Andreas Häuslbetz
Credit: Andreas Häuslbetz

The wasps seem to be coming out earlier this year and in higher numbers. Nests have already begun to form around many homes, sheds, and garages, and now is the best time to spray before they get settled in. It can also help with other critters getting into your home before the summer weather begins. While wasps, bees, and spiders can be bugs to watch out for, with warmer weather around the corner, you will also need to prepare for the biggest killer of all the mosquitoes. However you decide to handle these stinging, biting, tiny killers is up to you, but be careful when knocking down webs or nests, because the last thing you need is an angry spider or wasp coming after you. 

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Make sure to schedule a spray from pest control, or get out and do it yourself. If this many critters are out already, imagine how much worse it will be once the flies return, and the weather gets even warmer. Then you will have annoying bugs, and stinging, and killing ones. The weather might be nicer, but it comes at a cost.

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