It is important to know when a job and its employee aren’t a good fit. Sometimes the employer ends the relationship and an employee can collect unemployment. There are other times in which an employee chooses to take the matter into their own hands even though they'll be walking away from free unemployment income.

Idaho In the Top 10 for Resignation Rates in the Country

The ‘Great Resignation’ from 2021 to 2023 involving millions of Americans quitting their jobs has passed. But Idaho is still seeing a large number of people choosing to leave their current employers.

Source: WalletHub

The rate may have dropped slightly from 2.96% in the last 12 months to 2.7%, but being in the top 10 states of people willingly departing their employment could be positive, or troubling.

Why Employees Resign

The phrase ‘not a good fit’ comes into play often when either side of an employment situation needs to end, but what could that mean?


Boredom - the polite terms are: needing more of a challenge, or feeling uninspired.

Funds - properly phrased: looking for a higher salary. Salary analysis may behoove companies looking to retain good employees.

Boss Sucks - a.k.a. Needing a better management relationship. Many great employees are lost because they can’t work within the management style.

Going Nowhere Fast - or formally: job growth and career advancement. If a job has no upward mobility prospects, an employee may choose to find a job that does.

Wanderlust - need to relocate. It could be something positive or negative, but if a job isn’t able to be performed remotely, then living somewhere else necessitates a move.

Better Bennies - properly said as: workplace policies. Needing health insurance, vacation, and sick leave is something important to people.

Fingers to the Bone - or think of: a better work-life balance. If a job is taking more resi the employee is getting, they may bail.

Insecurity - better known as: will the job be here in a year? Plenty of places are cutting back, or folding under.

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If you decide to resign, a proper notice given could mean good things for references at the next job. The resignation letter could be brief and to the point, but a little flare isn’t unheard of.

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