Do you hear all those sneezes in the office and around stores? That is thanks to allergies and all the many diseases that will soon be taking over towns across America. The flu is returning, COVID is spreading again, and many of us are beginning to fall ill. There is little you can do to prevent it from happening but getting vaccinated for some of these diseases does help. Not everyone is for vaccines, for one reason or another, and there is nothing wrong with that. Certain states push being vaccinated harder than others, and when it comes to vaccines, which state is the most vaccinated, which states gets the least vaccines, and where does Idaho fall on the list?

The Most and Least Vaccinated States

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While the word 'vaccinated' is mostly viewed in a negative light these days, it wasn't always. Getting vaccines for the flu and other common diseases is something many have done for years. WalletHub recently released a list of the most vaccinated states to the least vaccinated states and ranked those states by using categories such as children and teenager immunization rates, adult and elderly vaccination rates, and immunization uptake disparities and influencing factors. Using these criteria, it was determined that Massachusetts is the most vaccinated state in the country, with Rhode Island being second, and Iowa rounding out the top three. The state that is the least vaccinated is Mississippi, with Alaska being the second lowest, and Arizona rounding out the bottom three. 

Are Idahoans Getting Vaccinated for Common Diseases?

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Getting vaccinated isn't fun and nobody enjoys getting shots if they don't have to, but sometimes it is to help you. In Idaho, the people are avoiding getting vaccinated though, as out of a possible 51 states, since Washington DC is included on the list, Idaho ranks 35. They are 24 in children and teenager immunization rates, 38 in adult and elderly vaccination rates, and 34 in immunization uptake disparities and influencing factors. Idaho is also the fifth lowest state when it comes to flu vaccination coverage rate among adults. While vaccines won't guarantee you don't get sick, not taking one won't help lower the odds at all, and that seems to be the case in Idaho. 

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Everyone has their reasonings for getting or not getting vaccines, and neither is right or wrong. The only thing for certain is that getting one can help and avoiding it won't help at all. Idahoans aren't excited to be vaccinated, and that is perfectly fine, but don't be surprised when someone tries to push a vaccine on you if you get sick, even though it is too late. To check out the full list broken down, make sure to click the link above.

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