Many people have pets in this country, and one of the most common animals that people add to their families is dogs. They are called man's best friend for a reason and that is because they are loveable, adorable, and loyal. Dogs have been known to do amazing things in life, and they become a part of a person's family. Many think of their dogs like their children, or kids view them as siblings, and they are as important as any other member of the clan. The thought of someone harming your dog is enough to make your skin boil, and recently, there was a report that someone tried to kill multiple people's dogs at a popular location in California, that has many concerned.

Report of Poison Spread Across Fiesta Island in San Diego

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Credit Canva

Over the weekend, an alert was sent out on multiple social media sites, alerting all dog parents, that rat poison had been spread on Fiesta Island, a popular dog destination in San Diego. This is concerning as it is common to see the area overflowing with dogs running, playing, and splashing daily, especially on weekends. The message sent out read as follows:

If you're in SD& have a dog, don't go to Fiesta Island.

Some sick person sprinkled rat poison around and dogs are dying.

What is wrong with people?

For my SD peeps with pets!

This had many concerned this weekend and had them not going, but where do things stand now, and should dog owners be avoiding the area?

Did Someone Spread Rat Poison on Fiesta Island?

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

After an investigation by the District Manager of Mission Bay Park, there was no evidence of rat poison found on the island. There have been no reports of dogs dying from visiting the island as well. The staff will continue to monitor the situation, to ensure that the area is safe for visiting dogs. For the best tips to keep your dogs safe when visiting the island or other dog-friendly places in the area, make sure to click this link.

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The good news is that no dogs seem to have been harmed, but it raises the question, where did this rumor start? It spread throughout San Diego over the weekend and had plenty of dog owners concerned. There are some sick people out there, and the hope is that this won't encourage someone to attempt poisoning dogs in the future. For more on this story, click the link in the second paragraph above.

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