The majority of Twin Falls was without power on Thursday afternoon between 1:15 and 3:15. The main question we have heard since then was 'what caused the outage?' and according to a post from KMVT, they say it was caused by birds.

UPDATE 3:22PM 4/25/24: Idaho Power is reporting that power has been restored to most customers. If your power is still out, you can check the Power Outage Map linked below to see the status or report an issue. The cause of the outage is still listed as 'under investigation'.

ORIGINAL STORY: Residents of Twin Falls are reporting power outages across the city, mainly in the north and west sections of town, but extending as far as Eastland and down to the Twin Falls City Park. Since this is an ongoing issue, we'll update this story when we get more information.

Power Outage Takes Over Twin Falls Affecting More Than 10,000 People

The reports span a large section of the city from the Magic Valley Mall to Smith’s and all along Blue Lakes. The Power Outage map from Idaho Power shows multiple outages. The report of outages began around 1:15 this afternoon and has an UPDATED expected restoration time now of 3:30PM. There is no known cause for the outage yet.

This map shows the areas affected by the outage, highlighted in red. The power outage is impacting more than 10,400 people in Twin Falls. The power outage marker shows the incident at Harrison and Filer Streets, but that could just be a centralized marker on the map and not the point of origin of the issue:

Credit Idaho Power
Credit Idaho Power
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The Idaho Power crew is now onsite. You can sign up for text messages as the situation continues to hear about progress as it happens.

According to the power outage map and based on reports from people around town, lights are out all along Blue Lakes and some intersections have police stationed to direct traffic. The Magic Valley Mall is without power as is the Winco and Target shopping center. We have reports from Albertson's and Smith's that power is out in the stores.

Driver's should be wary of driving along Blue Lakes, Poleline, Falls, Addison, Grandview, and any other roads in those areas. Treat non-functioning traffic lights as 4-way stops and follow direction from law enforcement.

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