Idaho is not a state filled with many big cities. The biggest city in the state is Boise and compared to other cities in the country, it isn't even that big. The state is made up mostly of smaller towns, and is one of the things that makes Idaho so pleasant, especially for those looking to escape city life elsewhere. There are many great small towns throughout the state, but when it comes to which one is the best, it is hard to say. Which small towns rank as the best, which are the worst, and in what order should they be ranked in the Gem State?

Ranking the Best Small Towns in Idaho

Credit: vkbhat
Credit: vkbhat

WalletHub recently released a list ranking the best small towns in the country and did so using categories, such as affordability, economic health, education and health, quality of life, and safety. When focusing on Idaho, which small towns ranked the best and which left a little more to be desired before moving to? The list ranks towns by percentile, with 99 being the best. According to this list, the best Idaho small town is Meridian, with a ranking at 98 percentile. The second best is Eagle in the 85 percentile and Rexburg in the 84 percentile rounding out the top three small towns in Idaho. According to this list, the small town with the lowest percentile is Lewiston in the 40 percentile, followed by Caldwell in the 43 percentile, and Pocatello in the 47 percentile rounding out the bottom three.

Is Twin Falls a Good or Bad Small Town in Idaho?

Downtown Twin Falls credit Google Street
Downtown Twin Falls credit Google Street

Twin Falls did not crack the top three but did avoid the bottom three as well. Twin has a percentile of 56, putting it 7th out of a possible 12 small towns on the list. While not ideal, Twin Falls is a middle-of-the-road small town in the Gem State. Twin's best category is quality of life, with education and health being its worst. The other categories are pretty close together when it comes to their ranking nationwide. One interesting tidbit in the study was that Rexburg ranked first in the country for highest income growth. To see the full list broken down, click the link above. 

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While residents may be bummed to see where Twin Falls fell on the list, it might work to Twin Falls' advantage. If people believe that the town isn't good, then perhaps it will keep the town from growing, because they will look to moving to Meridian, Eagle, or Rexburg instead. Twin Falls may not rank high on the list, but it is still a pretty good place to live.

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